If you find yourself absentmindedly reaching for the biscuit tin to combat the dreaded 3pm slump, it might be time to re-look at your snacking habits. 

As a nation, our nutritional needs are getting more complex. As many as 20 per cent of the population “believe” they are allergic or intolerant to one or more foods, meaning more people than ever are seeking out alternative diets. On the other hand a quarter of the adult population are currently obese, so there’s never been such a focus on taking better care of ourselves. 

While the big brands are starting to wake up to our needs, and we slowly start to see wholesome products seep into the mainstream and away from the free-from shelf, some of the smaller, niche products are still not as accessible as we’d like, particularly if you live outside of a big city. So if you’d rather not spend your lunch break trawling the high street in search of the perfect organic, sugar-free, dairy-free treat, or if you just feel like you need a goodness injection, then let these wellness warriors box it all up and bring it to you.

Choose from regular deliveries, purchase as a one-off treat, or gift a box to the health junkie in your life – just don’t expect to look at your Rich Tea biscuit in the same way again. The team behind food and drink review site Crummbs have snacked their way through a range of boxes to bring you their favourites. 

1. Superfoodio Classic Box: from £18.95 per month, Superfoodio

Vegetarian husband and wife team Nirali and Jag came up with this slick snack box after discovering exciting new flavours on their travels around South America. Feeling inspired, they wanted to share their discoveries, giving everybody the chance to experiment with new superfoods and ingredients in the kitchen. We’d been spying the brand new Deliciously Ella energy balls on our Instagram feed of late so were delighted to find them in our Classic Box. You’ll also find deluxe treats such as Raw Halo’s mylk chocolate and salted caramel, Emily veg crisps and Be Mindful chia pudding. What makes this selection stand out from the crowd, though, is the featured ingredient which changes each month. Moringa powder (rich in calcium, protein, iron, potassium and vitamins A and C) isn’t an ingredient we’d used before, but each box contains two helpful recipes to ensure you get the best out of it. 

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2. Lifebox Women’s Health Subscription: £21.95 per month, Lifebox

Opening this box, we had to remind ourselves it wasn’t actually our birthday. Beautifully packaged and tied with a bow, the selection of 14 sweet and savoury snacks catered to all of our wants and needs. Although the box is aimed at women, we think the high-energy products would appeal to both men and women. Start the day with The Department of Breakfast cacao and goji crunch granola, snack on organic tomato pesto popcorn at lunch and indulge with the Kookie Cat vegan cookie later in the afternoon. Each box comes with a helpful menu detailing what you’ve received and suggestions on how to use it. Like Superfoodio, you’ll also receive a recipe card featuring two cleansing recipes and healthy hacks. Supporting the wellness revolution, these guys are firm believers in prevention over cure. Also available as a one-off box.

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3. Graze Variety Box: £3.99 per week, Graze

One of the first subscription snack boxes to emerge, Graze has since developed its offering to include a more specialised Protein Box, alongside the original variety pack. Handily sized boxes fit through the letterbox so you don’t have to be in to sign for them and with over 100 snacks to explore, you’re bound to find some favourites. You’ll receive four snacks each week, which you’re then encouraged to rate to ensure your selection gets tailored to your preferences. Each treat is clearly labelled with either calorie or protein count. At just 55 calories we particularly enjoyed the brilliant banana bread which comes with a single tea bag – an afternoon infusion of Assam and Kenyan leaves.

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4. The Nutribox Classic 20: £25, Nutribox

Jam-packed full of 20 products, think of this as a helpful vending machine that sits on your desk. Instead of a bog standard packet of crisps it will dispense beetroot, horseradish and dill chips, perfectly portioned packs of nuts and raw superfood flapjacks. It features a mixture of brands we love, like Pip & Nut and Nakd, as well as new discoveries from Great Taste 2015 winner Creative Nature, all of which are guaranteed to be gluten-free. You decide on the frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or once every two months) and you can cancel at any time.

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5. Office Pantry Snack Pack: £35, Office Pantry

Looking for brownie points from the boss? Office Pantry is designed to keep your whole workplace happy. A mixture of snacks is delivered on a weekly or monthly basis to fill up the big wooden crate you receive with the initial delivery. For an office of one to 15 people you’ll get 37 snacks: expect fruit jerky, super seeded chocolate bars and nuts. Everything is healthy without being too specialist so you won’t scare off Barbara in accounts.

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6. Vegan Tuck Box Ultimate Subscription Box: £16.50 per month, Vegan Tuck Box

This is ideal if you’re embarking on a plant-based diet and are still trying to get your head around what you can eat. The box contains 13 items of sweet and savoury treats (the Simply7 lemon and olive oil kale chips being our favourite) and the retail value of the individuals products altogether is guaranteed to be more than the cost of the box. You’ll also find a monthly recipe online which uses the Bang Curry spice mix found in the box. Not only that, 10p from each box goes to a vegan friendly charity – this month it’s going towards a prosthetic leg for Flossie the sheep from Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary. 

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7. The Goodness Project Vegan Goodness Box: Starting from £9.95 per month, The Goodness Project

Born of a frustration with not being able to find the products they were after, the founders of the The Goodness Project promise to deliver a thoughtfully curated box of eight to 10 wholesome goodies each month. You’ll never receive the same product twice and many items are full-sized – we even received a pack of 14 Yuyo Yerba spice tea bags. The BonPom organic mulberries have gone a long way (we’ve been sprinkling over smoothie bowls) and the large bar of organic, raw creamy hazelnut mylk chocolate is idea for sharing (or not). Delivered in a fresh white and green leaf print box, the green tissue paper and bow make this an ideal gift.

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8. Primal Savannah Box: £19.99 per month, Primal Snack Box

This is a carefully curated box of nutritious and paleo-friendly snacking options, all free from grains, gluten, soy, dairy and refined sugars. Working with small producers, the high-protein dried meat offering (salted crackling or beef bites, anyone?) made this box stand out from the rest. A menu card details all 10 items you’ll find in the box as well as a simple chocolate banana lolly recipe to try at home.

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9. VITL Essentials Monthly: £19.95 per month, VITL

A bit of a curve ball, but we couldn’t resist including VITL’s new 28-day multi-vitamins and Omega 3 pack. Containing 28 strips to tide you over each month, each one contains a multivitamin for healthy skin, hair, nails and immunity, as well as Omega 3 made from pure Antarctic krill oil to support brain function and health. Using only the highest quality, filler-free ingredients, this pack is super convenient to use (since starting we haven’t missed a day yet) and we love the modern design. Oh, and that bug that’s going round the office? We’ve not got a whiff of it.

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10. Fitty London Subscription Box: £29 per month, Fitty London

It’s a little more expensive but this monthly fitness box features full-size fitness foods and workout products – from protein powders and superfoods to resistance bands and muscle rubs. Expect a mixture of big brands and small start-ups, all with the aim of improving your fitness game. The brand also creates workout videos and brings you the lowdown on the London fitness scene –  from reviews of the latest healthy eateries and boutiques on the block, to interviews, recipes and lots more. 

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11. TRIBE Pack: £8.65 per pack, TRIBE

TRIBE is more than just a snack box – it’s an athletic community. Tom, Rob and Guy – three old friends and ultra-runners – founded the brand in 2015 following a 1,000-mile run across Eastern Europe. Frustrated with the synthetic and sugar-filled sports nutrition products available on the market, they set out to develop performance nutrition from all-natural wholefoods, blended in the right way to provide key nutrients pre- and post-workout. The website asks you a few questions about your type of fitness and delivers a customised box especially for you. Based on our answers we received a balance pack containing two energy bars and a trail mix, as well as two protein bars and a mineral booster for recovery.

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The Verdict: Healthy food subscription boxes

Health means different things to different people so try to consider what’s important to you when choosing a subscription. Those hitting the gym will appreciate the high performance Tribe pack and Fitty London’s full-sized products. Looking for a bit of inspiration and a break from the norm? Graze is a low-cost place to start. The Nutribox will ensure you make good snacking decisions at your desk, otherwise we’d be thrilled to receive a box from Superfoodio, The Goodness Project or Lifebox as a gift.

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