Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? Record collection looking a little tired?

Maybe the facial hair needs some TLC?

Luckily there are now subscription boxes for all of the above and more.

While the choice can be overwhelming, we’ve selected and tested the best on the market.

The following picks have been chosen based on their value, quality and originality and if they haven’t got all three then they’re not on the list.

Each box here represents an easy way to introduce some variety into your life, not to mention the fun of a mystery box of goodies arriving on your doorstep each month.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

Sniph fragrance subscription box: £14, Sniph

Every month Sniph will send a new fragrance to your door. The sleek minimalist black packaging reveals a metallic spritzer with replaceable aftershave cartridge. Choose from collections including Work/Play, which in the past has included aqaysos EdP from French fragrance genius Pierre Guillaume and onyx pearl EdP by Swedish brand Agonist, and Avant-Garde for bold unisex fragrances. Thoroughly good value for money and a great way to discover independent perfumers from around the world.

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Wax & Stamp subscription box: £30 per month, Wax & Stamp

Keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of independent music is Wax & Stamp. Subscribe to its monthly package and each month you’ll receive two 12” records, one LP and one EP. The records arrive accompanied by a note from founder Josh and Luke, sometimes a guest selector, explaining what’s in store. We received the Ark EP from British singer-songwriter Westerman, recipient of Best Country/Folk Act at London’s prestigious Unsigned Music Awards in 2016, accompanied by the latest LP from American indie-rock duo Better Oblivion Community Centre.

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Cannon & Cannon food subscription box: from £24.99 per month, Cannon & Cannon

Ready-to-eat artisanal meat purveyors Cannon & Cannon will upgrade your pantry with its subscription box dedicated to cured delectations. We received a smorgasbord of English, Welsh and Scottish salamis, coppas and charcuteries that were both plentiful and tasty. Just make sure you have the perfect accompaniment to keep the taste party going.

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Paxton & Whitfield bronze cheese subscription: from £120 for 3 months

Luckily we’ve found the perfect accompaniment to the Cannon & Cannon charcuterie. Paxton & Whitfield is over two centuries old and certainly knows its camembert from its cashel blue. We signed up to the Bronze package and received four cheeses, which arrived in peak condition. We received a mix of soft and hard, mild and strong which opened our eyes to the world of cheese to which there’s no going back.

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Harry’s shaving subscription box: from £3.95 for a trial box

It’s hard to shave and not hear about Harry’s, possibly the shiniest rising star of the subscription box game. It’s with good reason and over the years the shaving company has refined its offering to a tee. Subscribe and you’ll receive a thoughtfully packaged selection of top-notch products including the brand’s well-known orange razor with detachable head. You’ll also receive a shaving foam which will soothe even the most sensitive skin. If you’re feeling especially trendy, check out the collaboration with uber fashionable online streetwear magazine Highsnobiety.

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The Cocktail Man subscription box: £107.50 for 12 months, The Cocktail Man

The Cocktail Man is the perfect subscription box for those who love cocktails but lack inspiration and know-how when it comes to making them. Each month you’ll receive a different cocktail kit curated and devised by award-winning mixologist James Vyse. We received the ingredients, beautifully packaged, to make four delectable bar-quality salted caramel infused whisky cocktails. The recipe and instructions are yours to keep so you can recreate your sophisticated and delicious aperitif anytime. A simple and fun concept.

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The Spicery subscription box: From £26, The Spicery

Who wouldn’t want to recreate the food truck experience at home? We received everything needed to make Korean tacos with kimchi fried rice, so if culinary exploration is your thing then this is an easy way in. Each month you’ll get a new easy-to-follow recipe inspired by different regions around the world along with expertly blended spices. You get the satisfaction of having made a dish that would normally require much more knowledge to prepare in a few simple steps.

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Oddballs boxers and socks subscription box: From £9.99 per month, Oddballs

Oddballs will deliver a pair of boxers or briefs and socks to your door each month. It’s great value for money to ensure your underwear game stays strong. The best part? Oddballs was conceived to raise awareness and fundraise to help develop treatments for testicular cancer. A cool company with a heart of gold. We received a classic set of black boxers, which are comfortable and durable and a wackier giraffe print that injected a bit of fun into our more serious wardrobe.

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Perky Blenders blend of the month coffee subscription: From £6.50, Perky Blenders

The guys at Perky Blenders love, and we mean love, coffee. The brand is obsessed. But fear not it is willing to share the dark secrets of the coffee bean with the rest of the world. Subscribe to one of its subscription packages and each month you’ll invite a deliciously aromatic packet of expertly roasted coffee into your kitchen, not only filling your space with rich smells but also your cup with a top brew. The blend of the month is a great option – this month it was Duromina, a coffee cooperative in Ethiopia’s southwestern Jimma Zone.

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Flaming Licks subscription box: £17.99 per month, Flaming Licks

For those who love spice, Flaming Licks is a worthy investment and sure to make your kitchen a much happier place. It delivers handpicked sauces, condiments, snacks, rubs and chillies from UK producers, so your pantry never runs out. Your first box arrives with a free hot sauce keychain so you can take the heat with you.

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The Personal Barber subscription box: From £24.95 for six weeks, The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber is a fantastic concept and should appeal to anyone who appreciates the ritual and satisfaction of a proper shave. The first box arrives with everything you’ll need to adopt the wet shave into your grooming routine, like a safety razor, replaceable razor blades, shaving cream to name a few products. Each box thereafter comes with completely new soaps, blades and extra pre- and post-shave products for you to try out such as oils, balms, colognes and alums. This box is great value for those who take shaving seriously and want to invest in products that will treat their skin kindly and have a closer shave.

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London Sock Company subscription box: From £30 for 3 months, London Sock Company

Join a not-so-secret society of sock aficionados and trust us you won’t be disappointed. London Sock Company don’t do mediocre, in fact they manage to make the humble sock something of a luxury experience. Think comfortable materials and stylish yet interesting designs that will have people copping a peek at your ankles. We received a stylish pair of comfortable black socks with white polka dots that could be worn with a smart or casual look.

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Savage Vines wine subscription box: From £29.95 per month, Savage Vines

All you need to do is choose whether to have two or three bottles of wine delivered to your door each month then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. You can expect handpicked wines from independent family-run wineries, along with a thoughtfully composed explainer with tasting notes and food pairings. Go from wine novice to aficionado with a couple of clicks. We received a natural red wine from Abruzzo made using 100 per cent organic Montepulciano grapes called Ginesia Montelpuciano and a Riesling from the estate of retired gymnast Karl Haidle. This subscription box is great value considering the unusual, high-quality wines you are exposed to.

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Pasta Evangelists subscription box: From £13.90 per week, Pasta Evangelists

Pasta Evangelists specialise in teleportation. That’s because each mouthful of its artisan pasta will instantly transport you to an Italian trattoria. Think fresh pasta, sauces and garnishes with seasonal ingredients in a variety of flavours. The best part? Because the pasta is fresh it only needs a few minutes cooking, making it a speedy meal that doesn't stint on taste. We received a prawn girasoli with garlic butter and fresh samphire and an out-of-this-world mac and cheese. The portions are either suitable for a very hungry solo diner or a light meal for two.

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Neat Nutrition subscription box: £20, Neat Nutrition

Neat Nutrition specialises in protein pouches. The vegan and whey subscription box comes with 12 pouches, six vegan and six whey, which works out at £1.60 per pouch which is good value for natural ingredients. Consider the high quality and convenience of the subscription box it’s very good value for those who want to focus on their workouts and are serious about getting in shape.

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Gousto subscription meal box: From £24.99 per month, Gousto

Gousto has a reputation as one of the best food subscription boxes for a reason. Each month choose from a wide variety of recipes and within a few days the ingredients along with handy recipe instructions will arrive at your door. There’s a satisfaction to preparing and cooking eclectic dishes from curries to pies, and you might just learn a thing or two. We chose a king prawn paella with lemon aioli, smoky fish with chive butter sauce and green beans and roasted veg and feta bake with fruity couscous and were not disappointed by any. The portions are generous and the ingredients arrived fresh and full of flavour.

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Flaviar subscription box: From £15, Flaviar

Sending a personalised selection of fine spirits to your door each month is Flaviar. You can have an entire bottle, taster tubes or both, and it’s a great way to try independent brands without breaking the bank and build up a bigger knowledge of the landscape. Choose your flavour preferences or no go areas, then sit back and wait for hand-picked tipple or two to arrive. Being our first order we received a full sized bottle of, in our case, whisky – a beautiful Scotch aged whisky called Writer’s Tears. It arrived accompanied by a small box containing three taster-sized vials from other independent distilleries.

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The verdict: Subscription boxes

Sniph is a well thought-out concept and a great way to add some affordable luxury to your life. I mean who doesn’t want to smell great! The Cocktail Man delivers fun every time with an educational element.

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