Threading, HD and microblading might be causing a new-age brow boom but no beauty stash is complete without a pair of tweezers. For perfectly groomed and tidy furrows you need the right kit and, while grooming trends come and go, these tools are tried-and-tested.

Achieving beautiful brows starts with the right set of quality tweezers but, with so many styles on offer, finding the perfect pair can be an arduous task. While slant-tips are a great all-rounder, point-tips are ideal for removing the thinnest or shortest of hairs. You can even get a set that combines the two; pointed-slant tweezers will grab hairs easily and offer enough precision to catch fine strays.

Once you’ve selected your style, it’s important to get a grasp on technique. For best results, always pluck in the direction of hair growth and after a bath or shower when the pores are open. This way the hairs will separate more easily and it should be less painful.

From drugstore own-brands to high-end offerings from the beauty world’s elite, there’s a tweezer for precision plucking in every price bracket.

1. Benefit Grooming Tweezer and Brush: £15.50, Look Fantastic

The announcement that Benefit was launching an entire collection dedicated to brows earlier this year went down a storm, with pretty much every base covered from pencils to tints. Trust it then, to take a humble pair of tweezers and transform them into a double-duty tool. This set features slanted tweezers on one end and a custom-blend bristle brush on the other. The tweezers are coated with diamond dust which makes them super-resilient, easy to grip and great for coaxing out even the most stubborn of hairs. The brush is great for those with unruly strays and can be used to highlight flyaways that need tweezing. 

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2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers: £22, Cult Beauty

Thanks to her extensive range of high-quality brow buys, Anastasia Soare is practically brow royalty. From gels to waxes, pencils and pomades, the guru’s grooming line is exceptional and this set of tweezers surpasses the lot. Designed with a custom-slanted tip, the pastel pink set of pluckers is well worth the price tag. What’s more, they’re hand-crafted in Italy, using quality stainless steel, and we reckon they would last you a lifetime. The sharp, slanted edge and micro-fine tip allow you to tweeze the finest of hairs without breakage, while the calibrated tension means they’re super-easy to control. 

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3. Browtician Stylist Mini Fix Tweezer: £5.32, Superdrug

This adorable set of two stainless steel mini tools is for the girl on the go. Throw them in your make-up bag for on-the-spot tweezing or keep them in your desk draw for stray emergencies. The duo is made up from one slant and one square set of tweezers held in a handy portable case. The slanted set are great for precise hair removal and have a point tip for grabbing stubborn or short hairs. The square pair however, doesn’t offer the most precise removal method but they are ideal for applying false lashes. 

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4. Bobbi Brown Slant-Tip Tweezers: £25, Harrods

After 25 years in the business, beauty guru Bobbi Brown knows her stuff. As such, we were right to expect great things from her eponymous pluckers. Made from stainless steel, they have a slant-tip that is great for all-round tweezing and a fine point which makes picking up hair a breeze every time. They manage to pick up the finest of strands and tiny hairs that are just coming through. They’re somewhat pricey, but if you’re looking for a set that will stand the test of time, they’re certainly worth the investment. 

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5. Laura Mercier Tweezers: £18.50, Selfridges

Designed for Laura Mercier by brow connoisseur Tweezerman, this set is ideal for those who struggle with accuracy. Made from stainless steel, the design features a circular wide grip for complete control. The design not only looks great but is super-useful too, providing the most comfortable hold. With a gentle slant and fine-tipped point, they manage to clean and shape brows beautifully. If you’re looking to master the technique of plucking, this instrument will instantly become your go-to grooming tool.

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6. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer: £20.95, John Lewis

For over 25 years, the award-winning Slant has been the choice of industry pros. Famous for its precision, Tweezerman is undoubtedly the one to beat in the plucking stakes. This set is ideal for removing unwanted hairs in hard-to-pluck places with an angled, sharp tip that grabs even the shortest of strays. Despite being super-precise, they don’t pinch the skin or break hairs at the root. Available in a range of colours, our favourite is this hot pink pair – easy to spot in your make-up bag.

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7. Eylure Brow Comb: £10.60, Feel Unique

Another combo tool here, this option from Eylure offers a pair of sharp, slanted tweezers and a comb in one. The slant-tip nips stubborn strands in the bud, grabbing fine hairs without pinching the skin, while the comb tidies the brows. Unlike the benefit version, the comb on this pair is a continuation of the tweezer. While it may not be as precise, it certainly makes for easier use and a lot less cleaning. We’re also big fans of the classy, navy blue outer and swish cut-out design on the tweezer arm.

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8. BBrowBar Angled Tweezers: £18, Net-a-Porter

British brand BBrowBar was established to take the pain out of beauty regimes and while tweezing inevitably comes with discomfort, this set certainly takes the sting out of grooming. Crafted from the highest quality stainless steel these are by far the sleekest and sharpest set of them all. The handle tapers down to a fine, sleek-angled tip that lets you pick up hairs and is great for coaxing out in-growns. While they may be sharp, they never break the hairs and leave you with a salon-style finish. 

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9. Boots Precision Grip Slanted Tweezers: £3.80, Boots

A budget pair, you’ll be forgiven for not expecting great things but we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Comfy to hold, Boots’ own-brand slanted tweezers are coated with a smooth, rubber-like material that means you’re able to get a good grip of the tool. The fine-tipped point and gentle slant accurately grab hairs every time. Great value and well worthy of a place in your make-up bag.

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10. Mavala Gold Tipped Oblique Tweezers: £6.50, John Lewis

Cast in faded silver and gold, these tweezers look and feel much more expensive than they actually are. The gentle slanted tip is crafted with gold plated grips that make it easy to hold onto the smallest of hairs without any breakage. Unlike some designs, these Mavala tweezers are super-light making them easy to control for precision. Saying that, they somehow feel sturdy at the same time with firm tension which leads us to believe they will stand the test of time. Budget-friendly and seriously stylish.

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The Verdict: Tweezers

For us, the best pluckers in town come from Benefit. We love the fact that this set acts as a double-duty tool for both tweezing and grooming pesky strays. Not only is the brush very handy but the tweezers are first-rate too making plucking a cinch. For something a little more purse friendly we’d recommend Boots’ precision tweezers – they’re amazing value, easy to use and get the job done.

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