With 2019 fast approaching, it’s time to invest in a new calendar or planner to ensure you get the best out of the coming months. Whether you’re searching for a quirky, colourful wall calendar, or a serious thought-provoking desk-planner, we’ve found a selection to suit everyone. Our tester compared them on aesthetics, practicality, size and cost.

Desk planners and calendars

Whiskey words & A Shovel: Desk Calendar 2019: £12.99, Calendar Club

“Marry someone who complements your soul,” is just one of the R.H.Sin poems in this sophisticated cloth-bound daily desk calendar.

Each page features one of the poems from his best-selling Whiskey Words & A Shovel series of books. In them, he renders relationships, love, pain and fortitude, and his message of perseverance in the face of emotional turmoil is particularly relevant for modern day life. The black cover wraps around to form an easel-like stand and each page is perforated for easy removal (although the poems are so beautiful our tester wanted to keep them).

Weighty and well-made, this makes an ideal present for just about anyone.

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‘Hello Week’ A4 Weekly Planner: £8, Sadler Jones 

This luxury A4 weekly planner contains 52 pages of gorgeous monochrome gorgeousness. 

Stylish and made in the UK, it’s the perfect mix of design brilliance and white space for writing. The paper feels good quality and there are well-proportioned columns for each day of the week, plus the date in the top and an additional notes section at the bottom. 

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Pinking Out Loud Desk Planner: £7.50, Dotty About Paper

A weekly desk planner which really does include everything you’ll need to get organised for the week ahead. Each A4 page is bordered with a pretty pink polka-dot design but the writing area is on white paper which made it clear and easy to use. There’s a section to write the date, then five columns for writing a list of tasks for each day. It also features a section for ‘notes’, ‘don’t forget’ and ‘weekend’. Perfect for having on your desk and with 53 pages it’ll last all year.

Our tester loved the fact that you wrote your own date on the top of each page, meaning you could start it mid-year or simply use it whenever you needed it and tear off each page after you’ve finished with it – starting each week afresh.

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Flamingo Planner by Hello Lucky: £16.99, Papier

A personalised planner as pretty as this was an instant hit with our tester. The eye-catching flamingo design gives it a very current feel, and the soft mohawk paper makes you want to keep stroking it! It’s A5 size meaning it’s perfect for putting on your desk or worktop and then slipping into your bag when you’re on the go.

Each open page includes a week to view, with an abundance of space for writing events during the week, and slightly less at the weekend. Instead of being restricted to a certain year, there’s a space for you to fill it in -meaning it can be started at any point in the year.

There’s also a useful ‘Important Dates’ section and space for notes at both the front and back. With your name written on the front it feels special, and simply beautiful! 

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Busy B Desktop Calendar: £8.99, Busy B

This free-standing monthly calendar is perfect for work or home. The built-in stand allows it to stand up on your desk, and the flip-top binding is perfect for easy-flipping from one month to the next.

Behind each monthly calendar page is a handy storage pocket which our tester found great for keeping work receipts and invitations. Measuring about 17cm by 20cm it doesn’t take up too much space either and is easy to slip in your bag to transport from home to office if necessary. 

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‘Let’s do this’ A5 Daily Planner: £7.50, Sadler Jones

Containing 50 pages, this lined planner also has boxes in which you can tick off each task as you do them. Helpful sections at the bottom are entitled ‘Priorities’ and ‘Tomorrow’, and the paper is luxurious and the ombre border design very on trend.

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2019 Mini Desk Calendar Cute: £3, Kikki.K

The tiniest monthly desk calendar our tester had ever seen. Measuring just 7cm by 6cm, it really does fit in your pocket. Featuring a cardboard fold-out base it stands up on its own and on the reverse side of each monthly calendar grid, is a cute little Swedish design. The size makes this incredibly novel, our testers children loved it and it would make the perfect stocking filler or gift for adults or children alike.

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Pet Print A4 Desk Pad: £9.95, Joules

Coveted by dog lovers, this A4 weekly planner is adorned with gorgeous pooches. Featuring a Monday-Friday section at the bottom half of the page, it provides more than enough space to plan your week.

In addition, there’s also a ‘Don’t Forget’ space, and a quirky ‘Call…’ circle which our tester found helpful. This is ideal for leaving on your desk or by the phone, and we found that peeling off each page after you’ve finished the week provided a good sense of closure, with that fresh, new page helping us to prepare for the week ahead.

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A3 Weekly Desk Pad: £8, Neon Sheep

Perfect for sitting on your desk or kitchen worktop ready for scribbling anything you need to remember. This A3 Weekly Planner comes in two different colours, both of which are fun, bright and practical.

The 50 tear-out pages are made from good-quality paper and our tester loved the wide columns and the way each column was divided up so that you could maintain a better visual track of what needs doing.

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Next Desk Top Calendar: £4, Next

Positive affirmations are aplenty in this bright, glittery little spiral-bound desk calendar. Measuring 16.5cm tall by 15cm wide, it’s ideal for sitting on a desk or dressing-table, ensuring you’re in a positive frame of mind the day ahead. The glitter appealed to our testers child too, who soon pinched it for his bedroom!

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Wall calendars/planners

Spring Floral Family Organiser: £10.95, Emma Bridgewater

Bright, colourful and highly desirable. This Emma Bridgewater family organiser is packed full of the much-loved Bridgewater designs such as the coloured spots, pink hearts, blue stars, to name just a few.

Measuring 30.5cm wide and 31cm in length (but you need to allow for double this in length once it’s open and hanging), our tester was proud to display it like a work of art on the kitchen wall.

With a month per page format, the space for daily events is substantial enough to include a few birthdays or events, and the grid is large and clear, with a useful space for notes at the bottom. Never has writing on your calendar made you feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

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2019 Pad Calendar Neon: £12, Kikki.K

Your day will most certainly be brightened up with this neon calendar hanging on your wall. The funky neon pages are complemented by a fun quote each month, such as ‘Your best year ever’, ‘Adventure awaits’, and ‘Make time to dance’.

Measuring an impressive 34cm by 31cm, there’s enough space each day to write a couple of sentences, and a sizeable additional notes section at the bottom, meaning you’ll be going into 2019 with a bright, positive vibe.

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Family Organiser 2019: £10, Marks & Spencer

Measuring approximately 36cm by 34cm this family organiser is big, which is just what you need if you’ve got a family to keep track of! Displaying a month per page, each month is separated into five columns for all the different family members. You can just about squeeze in a few words per day, providing a brilliant visual of your family’s monthly plans.

It’s spiral bound with a metal hanging hook, and the pen attached to the bottom is an ingenious little touch (because we all know you can never find a pen when you need one). Our tester particularly loved the idyllic seaside scene on the cover which is reminiscent of many a British family holiday.

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Oliver Bonas 2019 Wall Calendar: £15, Oliver Bonas

Vibrant, colourful and somewhat abstract, this ringbound calendar is designed with a landscape orientation and a different inspirational illustration each month. Emblazoned across the cover are the words ‘Work hard, Play Hard, Be Kind’, and the illustrations are so delightful that you’ll want to display all of them at once! The monthly-view grid contains some UK public holidays and significant dates.

Measuring h23.3cm x w31cm, it’s only slightly bigger than A4, but is obviously double this size once hung up because of the drop-down page design. Printed on thick card, it also features handy tabs which make turning from one month to the next quick and easy. 

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Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups Official 2019 Calendar: £9.99, Wordery

Based on the Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups Range, this calendar is bursting with tongue-in-cheek humour that will make you chuckle to yourself.  The books parody the style and artwork of the company’s books for children, and include The Hangover, Mindfulness, Dating and The Hipster.

Featuring a page from one of the books every month, and framed in retro print artwork, this calendar is light-hearted and entertaining. The squares for writing notes in are a perfect size to actually be able to fit a couple of events in, and the calendar comes with a handy hole at the top to hang it from (which a lot of the others tested are surprisingly lacking). 

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Weekly Clipboard Memo Set: £8, Neon Sheep

With a stylish pastel pink and gold geometric design, this weekly clipboard memo set is perfect for keeping afloat in today’s busy world. Our tester liked the perforated line along the top of the Monday-Sunday section so you could tear it off at the end of each week, mentally starting afresh for the week ahead.

The clipboard bit was the perfect place for keeping safe that illustrious pen that always goes missing when you need it, and the notes section was ideal for shopping lists. Looks funky and fun on the kitchen wall, too

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2019 Geometric Pastel Wall Planner: £15, from Lovely Cuppa at Not on the High Street

This pastel geometric wall planner is ideal for sticking on the wall and planning the year ahead. The subtle pink, green and grey geometric design is attractive but won’t dominate your wall. Each daily rectangle is quite small, but you can squeeze a few words in with a fine pen.

There’s a handy icon key to indicate special dates during the year and it runs from 1 January to 31 December – making it an idea Christmas gift. The 200gsm matt paper feels sturdy enough to survive the year but Blu-Tacks onto the wall easily, too. 

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Couples’ Calendar 2019 – Pretty: £8.99, Busy B

Anyone with a partner knows how difficult it is to keep track of both of your diaries, so what better way to do it than with this couples calendar. Each month is laid out with four columns; Me, You, Us, Birthdays.

An ingenious way of ensuring there are no more diary clashes. Each month also has a handy pocket which is great for keeping invitations and notes organised, and it even includes some gorgeous stickers to help highlight certain things visually, such as ‘Day out’, ‘Day off’, as well as white stickers to cover mistakes.

There’s even a pretty blue ribbon loop for hanging. Measuring approximately 18cm by 25.5cm, it’s big enough to fit everything you need on but not too big. 

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Eric Ravilious Calendar 2019: £9.99, Calendar Club

Measuring 30cm by 30cm when closed, or 60cm long when hung open, this eye-catching calendar certainly makes an impact. Each month includes a beautiful illustration from 20th-century painter, designer and wood engraver Eric Ravilious. They are taken from V&A collections and are accompanied with text.

Each page also features a mini calendar view of the previous and forthcoming months. The space for writing is large enough to fit a few events a day, and there’s a hole for easy hanging. 

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Royal Horticultural Society Calendar 2019: £8, Marks & Spencer

The pretty, delicate pastels of this calendar and decoupage-effect flowers would make it a lovely gift. As well as the beautiful floral design, each month features a gardening tip which is relevant for that month. The calendar grid is easy-to read and there’s a handy pen clipped to the bottom which makes it a perfect calendar to keep by the phone.

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LinesLDN London City Prints Calendar 2019: £17.99, Etsy

A work of art in its own right. This stylish, bold calendar is made up of twelve London architectural illustrations and mounted on a birch plywood clipboard which is made from sustainable sources.  

The beauty and diversity of London’s most famous architecture is showcased in these pictures which are designed with bright block colours and printed with matt ink on luxuriously thick paper. It feels durable and isn’t obscured by the glare from lights or the sun. Whether you’ve got fond memories of climbing St Paul's Cathedral, used to work next to Tate Modern like our tester, or have simply always admired the grandeur or Big Ben, this calendar will strike a chord with everyone. 

It looks great hanging on a wall, or sitting on a worktop or desk, and it’s tempting not to frame each individual picture after the year’s out.

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Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When Calendar 2019: £10, Wordery

Feed your wanderlust with the Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When calendar. Packed with some of the world’s most stunning destinations, from Tasmania, Australia, to South Luangwa, Zambia, it reveals why it’s the perfect time to visit. For example, “June is the ideal time to take a walking safari in South Luangwa National Park: It’s the start of the dry season but before the vegetation has withered.”

In addition to the breathtaking photos, each month includes tips, ideas and insights to help inspire you for the year ahead. As well as planning tools, international holidays and facts. Measuring 302mm by 304mm, it’s a great size for being able to include numerous events on any one day.

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Floral Family Calendar: £12.50, Caroline Gardner

This substantial wall-hanging calendar is a substantial 30.5cm square  (but double the length when it’s opened out to hang). Created using Caroline Gardner’s stunning, bold designs in a range of pinks, greys and monochrome colours, each month is emblazoned with an uplifting quote such as: ‘Be silly, be honest, be kind!’, and ‘Follow your dreams’. The month is displayed as list, with five vertical columns and a space for each person’s name along the top. 

Ideal for keeping track of the whole family, it also includes important days such as Mother’s Day, St Swithin’s Day, and so on. If you’ve got a space on the wall big enough to display this beautiful calendar, it’ll certainly make family life much more organised!

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Banksy Wall Calendar 2019: £8.99, Ryman

What could be edgier than a calendar featuring a selection of Banksy’s iconic designs? Measuring 30.5cm square (but double this in length when hung on the wall) and with a month-by-month format, there’s more than enough space to write a few events a day.

It’s worth noting that it’s an ‘unofficial product’, so no money is paid to the artist for the calendar, but the publisher is donating 10% of their proceeds to the Julian Trust Night Shelter, Bristol.

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2019 Quirky Calendar Print by Katy Pillinger: from £14, Etsy

An absolutely delightful wall calendar. It has been illustrated using original gouache and pencil illustrations by Katy Pillinger, then digitally finished. This giclee art print is available in two sizes: A4 and A3.

Printed on luxuriously thick paper, our tester taped hers to the kitchen wall, although it would look just as good framed. This is a work of art in its own right as well as being an easy-reference calendar. 

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Mums’ Fabric Household Wall Planner Calendar 2019: £8.99, Ryman

This textured stitch-print calendar has so much more to offer. It includes a separate notes book, a sticky note pad, stickers, and a pen. It’s arranged as a page per month, and each page contains four individual columns for all the family members.

Measuring approximately 31cm by 30.5cm, it’s big, easy-to-use, and ideal for keeping track of the whole family. Perfect for cosy kitchens and busy lives. 

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The Verdict: The best wall and desk planners/calendars

For a stylish and sophisticated desk calendar look no further than Whiskey Words & A Shovel, Desk Calendar 2019. Good quality and incredibly thought-provoking, it would make a perfect gift.

If you’re searching for a family wall calendar, the Spring Floral Family Organiser by Emma Bridgewater is reasonably priced, a good size for writing on, and is an ideal way of bringing the beauty of the Bridgewater prints into your home.

Or if you’re looking for a desk planner on which you can write more extensive notes and lists, the ‘Hello Week’ A4 Weekly planner from Sadler Jones is just the thing.

Reasonably priced and with copious amounts of writing space, never has keeping track of your weekly tasks been easier or more stylish.

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