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At a time of crisis, we need journalism more than ever. So says Shaun Lintern, our award-winning health correspondent. We hope that anyone who has read Shaun’s exclusive news and in-depth analysis of the coronavirus pandemic would agree – it’s the job of truly independent journalism to look beneath the figures and peer behind the curtain of the press conferences to report on the truth, and to hold the powerful to account.

Every penny given to The Independent’s Supporter Programme will fund additional editorial projects that will be available to everyone and, with Shaun’s words in mind, we’ve asked him to help shape the healthcare projects at the top of our priority list.

Over the next few months, we’ll be bringing you detailed reporting on the Covid-19 crisis. The more support we receive, the more journalism we will, together, be able to produce. Please consider making a contribution. Thank you.

Christian Broughton

Editor of The Independent

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    Every penny we receive in donations from our readers will directly fund additional projects to shine a light on public-interest issues such as the climate crisis.

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    If you are a subscriber and wish to contribute as well, we really appreciate your support in ensuring The Independent stays independent. You can donate via the box above using your current login details.

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    Once donations have been made we are unable to refund payments so please only contribute if you are able to do so. For any further support with donations please contact us on 0203 615 2990 or email us at

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    We can only accept donations from readers who are 18+. During the transaction you will be asked to confirm via a consent box. (Please refer to T&Cs for more information).

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    We can only currently accept contributions from readers in the UK and USA. This is something we hope to expand to more territories in the future

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    Thank you for expressing an interest in contributing a higher amount to support our journalism. To contribute a different amount, please contact our customer support team on or 0203 615 2990 who can assist with this.