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Miguel Delaney

Chief Football Writer


Miguel Delaney is The Independent’s award-winning Chief Football Writer. He has written for the publication since 2011 and focuses mainly on the Premier League and Champions League.

Southgate to sacrifice £225k of salary as part of FA wage cuts

Other staff at the FA are now expected to be placed on furlough

The complex morality of football clubs placing staff on furlough

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled football, just like every other industry, writes Miguel Delaney. But should the richest clubs in the world really be using government money to pay their staff?

The inside story of United vs Newcastle and the 1995/96 title race

Newcastle let a 12-point lead slip as Sir Alex Ferguson masterminded another title run. Miguel Delaney speaks to those involved in one of the most iconic battles in Premier League history

West Ham way captured in fan film as supporters yearn for old home

What Upton Park was remains central to what West Ham are, as Louis Berry conveys in his film