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Mark Steel

Mark Steel is a stand-up comedian, radio presenter and Independent columnist. He enjoys writing his column because no one ever takes it literally.

Rejoice! A deal that makes us poorer and hands power to sociopaths

This is only the start, we can and must build on this now we’re free to shrink our economy by however much we choose, without having to consult the Germans first

No wonder XR is unpopular, they’re trying to make us care

The protesters can make their point, they should just do it without disrupting anything, maybe by drawing a turtle or looking out of the window. Only then can we contemplate giving up a few bad habits

‘Panorama’ would struggle to fit Tory racism into an hour

Conservative members love politicians who protect the kind of British life a person can relate to, such as wearing a monocle and having 19 kids you never see until they’ve left Eton

Jeremy Hunt’s fox hunting U-turn showed his charmingly boyish side

That he can develop a fad and abandon it within half a day shows his humanity, like a five-year-old who plays with a toy dustcart before losing interest and opting for a shiny, squeaky donkey instead