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Josie Cox


Josie Cox is a journalist and broadcaster specialising in business, finance and gender equality. She is the former business editor of The Independent and has previously worked for Reuters and the Wall Street Journal

Business Analysis & Features

Josie Cox When measuring the economy, numbers are no longer good enough

Many of the yardsticks we use to assess economic performance today are outdated relics of the past, which is why GDP is a useless barometer for Britain

Business Analysis & Features

Josie Cox How being humble helped Kiki McDonough build a jewellery empire

View from the Top: Loved by women of all backgrounds – including royalty – the fifth-generation jewellery designer explains how a healthy dose of risk-taking has helped her business flourish

Lyft's IPO is nosing us closer to a global recession

When the company went on an investor roadshow to drum up support for its IPO, it didn't seem to have to do much drumming at all. In several meetings there was standing room only

Apple’s latest attempt to dominate our lives is doomed to fail

On Monday, during Apple’s massively hyped ‘It’s show time’ event, Tim Cook had something of the undisciplined toddler about him, running amok in a sweet shop